Bogger – per_haps

A new digital 4 track EP by Bogger is out on digital gadget. per_haps is available via Bandcamp and i-tunes.


Various Vegetables feat. Jeff Pils


Jeff Pils – Useless

We present the first full length album by Berlin artist Jeff Pils. You can now order the Audio CD here or via discogs. The digital download version of Useless is available at some selected shops. Visit Bandcamp, Junodownload, Itunes and other online music stores to get your mp3/wav/flac copy. "Useless" is a compilation of eleven tracks from the period beween 2000 and 2010. The cover design encloses beautiful photographic works by Oliver Schmidt.


Beton live

New AV project – Beton (Bogger and Miwon: Audio, Telematique and U-matic: Video). The first gig will be in Paris, supporting Apparat and Pfadfinderei at Berlin Next Festival in Paris, Gaîte Lyrique. Show starts early at 8 pm.

Further Beton dates, news and contact: www.bet0n.de.


Jeff Pils Vinyl Mixes

You can now listen to a collection of vinyl mixes made by Jeff Pils via mixcloud.com. Including mix sessions recorded within the last three years featuring unreleased material by dg/front artists. And there is more to come in the near future.

Visit Mixcloud for more Information.


Helvetikone free Album Release

We are happy to announce a free mini album release by Helvetikone. "Numerical Exercises" is now available in mp3 or flac format.

Click here for more Information and Links.


Bogger and Jeff Pils on Touchin' Bass

Bogger and Jeff Pils released both a new track on a glorious Label Compilation by Andrea Parkers Touchin' Bass Imprint. (TB 039). "Geometry" includes furthermore tracks by Ben Milstein, Wee DJ's and Bitstream and is available as 2x12", CD and mp3 format.

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Bogger on Wireblock

Bogger released a new track on a Compilation by Scottish label Wireblock (WB 002). The 12" also features tracks by Alex Cortex, Ghosts on Tape and Truffle Club.

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Helvetikone Album Release

Five years after his dazzling debut, Helvetikone returns with a full length album. 'Bubble Hum' offers a raw dose of passionate electronic music no one can rebuff. The long-player marks the first CD-Release on DG/Front. It's available now at dgf shop, boomkat, normanrecords, juno download and others.

Listen to sound bites and read selected reviews!

08.11.08, 22:00 pm

Taktik live at Electronic Church

Taktik (Bogger/Helvetikone) - Live
with Dalglish (aka O.S.T; Ideal/R.L.R.) at Electronic Church.


02.02.08, 7:00 pm

Taktik live at Gallery Kunsthammer

Taktik (Bogger/Helvetikone) - Live
with M-V-T - live at Gallery Kunsthammer.
Fine "Knallsäcke" Art by Angela Uhsadel and Julia Wenners

Brunnenstr. 43, Berlin


Jeff Pils at NBI

with Disscoxx (stillavailable), Hecq (hymen), Porn Sword Tobacco (cco), Lambent (expanding)

Schönhauser Alle 36, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin


MP3 Shops installed

You can now purchase our releases at juno digital music store. The entire dgf catalog is available for prelisten and download in MP3 and WAV (44.1 kHz) formats.

August 07

Dgf #4 Out now!

A new Release has seen the light of the day: Laptik. The first compilation on digital-gadget/front is now available. Six brand new tracks from digital gadgets enviroment. Watch out for this at your local vinyl dealer. Or just order your copy directly at Possiblemusic (D) or Rubadub (GB).

Read reviews and have a listen ...

08.04.07, 11:00 pm

Bogger - live @ Me and my Rythm Eggs

with Phoenecia (schematic), Andrea Parker (touchin bass),
Suzie Wong (Dönerlounge)
at M12, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 13, Berlin - Alexanderplatz


dgf #8


"per_haps" is the 3rd 4-track-EP by Berlin artist Bogger (aka Jeff Pils). After some Compilation Appearences on imprints like Touchin Bass and Wireblock a few years back, Bogger puts out new material on his home label. Availabel in all digital formats via bandcamp, i-tunes and others.

01 per_haps (6:01)
02 Micro (7:03)
03 Error (6:51)
04 Crash (6:19)

© ℗ 2013 by Digital Gadget
All Tracks are composed and produced by Bogger
Mastering by Sven Ihlenfeld
Artwork by Mehmet Yaman


dgf #7


"Useless" is the first full length album by Berlin artist Jeff Pils, featuring eleven tracks sounding out the depths of electronic melody composing and tricky beat programming. "Useless" is a compilation of eleven tracks from the period beween 2000 and 2010. The cover design encloses photographic works taken from a series by Oliver Schmidt. The digital download version of Useless available at some selected shops. Visit Junodownload, Itunes and other online music stores to get your mp3/wav/flac copy. A CD digipak version will follow later this year.

01 Part 71 (6:40)
02 Saerum (6:14)
03 Esotonne (6:26)
04 Kalkbreite (5:25)
05 Malteser (6:12)
06 Lack holzer (5:20)
07 Wison (6:09)
08 Syncoreal (6:34)
09 Celine (6:36)
10 Chaos (6:09)
11 Lullaby (4:47)

© ℗ 2011 by Digital Gadget / Front
All Tracks are composed and produced by Jeff Pils
Mastering by Sven Ihlenfeld
Photographs by Oliver Schmidt
Artwork by Mehmet Yaman


dgf #6

Numerical Exercises

A small and free download album from Helvetikone.
Numerical Exercises was developed with the idea to build songs around numbers, rhythmically or tonal, in any way. This was not meant to be strict in every aspect, but mainly used as a starting point for the compositions. The resulting mini album catches up where Helvetikones previous album Bubble Hum ended.

Download the whole album with artwork as FLAC or MP3 release.

» Download the whole album and artwork as FLAC or MP3 release. «

© ℗ 2010 by Digital Gadget / Front
All Tracks are composed and produced by Helvetikone

Artwork by Mehmet Yaman
Mastering by Mark Dollin


dgf #5

Bubble Hum

Approximately five years after Helvetikone released his first EP on Digital Gadget/Front, the Berlin artist returns with a full length album. 'Bubble Hum' appears softer, more melodious and mature than his earlier works, but doesn't fail to confront the listener with healthy frostiness and asperity. Eduard Müller, the man behind Helvetikone, has been everything but lazy over the years: His composing is closely linked to the evolution of Renoise, the famous tracker software he programmed and takes care of every day. The worldwide Renoise community is growing, and so is the music of Helvetikone: 'Bubble Hum' offers a raw dose of passionate electronic music no one can rebuff. 'Bubble Hum' by Helvetikone marks the first CD-Release on Digital Gadget/Front, it will soon be followed by a full length by Jeff Pils.

01 Cis (dev) (4:30)
02 Bubble hum (5:10)
03 Dark Star (5:44)
04 Exocrine (4:12)
05 Nothing (4:51)
06 Bender (4:56)
07 Rattle Pack (4:02)
08 Mosquito (3:45)
09 Cuboid (5:20)
10 Phobia (5:18)

Release: January 2009


dgf #4


"Laptik", the first compilation on Digital Gadget/Front, features various musical approches, constrasts and parallels, sending out from a bunch of glowing Berlin harddrives.
Long awaited new stuff by mighty Helvetikone is featured here, combining uncompromising beat programming with deliciously subtle pads from the dark side, and another dubby piece of music by "Don Knispel" Bogger.
Several contributions by neighbouring artists make this vinyl round: Menu:Exit, heads of glorious Berlin label Underscan, throw in a heavy downbeat stomper, while Jeff Pils stages some bass-driven fireworks of chopped up digital percussion ...other than fabulous cco artist Miwon, who mixes straight and steady drumpatterns with disarming melodies, coming to a really heartwarming result.

A1 Helvetikone - Nothing (4:50)
A2 Bogger - Don Knispel (5:55)
A3 Menu:Exit - How to get a Basket (3:44)

B1 Miwon - Make my Day (4:53)
B2 Jeff Pils - Hazelnut (4:08)
B3 Helvetikone - Komm und Geh (3:26)

Release: Summer 2007


dgf #3

Glenn Dambo EP

Bogger is back. And kicks out another shining vinyl on digital-gadget/front. 'Glenn Dambo' takes Bogger's idea of electronic music on a new level: While the focus on small slices of atmosphere and dry beatstructures is stricter than before, the amount of darkness increases. And the funkyness remains. Who the hell is Glenn Dambo? At least we know who Bogger is: A DJ, responsible for a lot of unforgettable Nights in the clubs of Berlin and elsewhere. He is also a member of the interactive performance-group 'laptoporchestra'. Two completely different conceptual spheres, which Bogger easily concatenates on 'Glenn Dambo'.

A1 forca
A2 input

B1 malletête
B2 street

Release: Late 2005


dgf #2


The second release on Berlin based electronic label Digital-Gadget/Front is the debut of Bogger, who is perhaps best known for his uncompromising resident DJ-Sets in Dönerlounge, Berlin. Bogger's music is a synthesis of atmospheric Detroit-isms blended with starkly metallic EBM elements. His e.p.'s four tracks were produced primarily by means of tracker-software developed by his label-partner Helvetikone, the use of which has dragged Bogger away from the otherwise safe environments of Logic and Cubase and into the alien worlds of hexidecimal glitching.

A1 Joana (6:09)
A2 Octron (6:31)

B1 Etacon (5:03)
B2 Kontrolle (7:06)

Release: Summer 2004


dgf #1


First Mini-LP by Helvetikone, the alias of one half of Taktik, a laptop-live-project from Berlin. The sound of Helvetikone slides between splattering beats, digitally sampled chaos and powerful pressure-acoustics. This release exhibits his definition of darkly atmospheric sound-shapes as well as clear melancholic melodic structures.

A1 Sometimes Better Than (1:53)
A2 Grmpf And You (3:15)
A3 Alone For (3:42)
A4 Glut And Me (3:43)

B1 Wrecked Because Of (3:37)
B2 And You Thought I (5:22)
B3 Helvikone (3:20)
B4 Before I (3:25)

Release: November 2003